1/21 Doc Analyses

Following are the first round of student-generated document analyses using a questionnaire Professor KB designed before our meeting. Our next goal is to ask whether we are asking the “right” questions of these digital documents and create student generated polls/questionnaires that all users may have access to.

Ali Sumski_Venus and Adonis 1594

Alyssa Hayes_The Blacke Booke 1604

Angie Moskwa_The Roaring Girl 1611

Annie Murphy_Dyets Dry 1599

Caroline Martell_Romeo and Juliet 1597

Dan Cormier_King Lear 1608

Deirdra Chapman_Romeo and Juliet 1599

Emily Hastings_Briefe Description of the Whole Worlde 1599

 Jen Sobol_Midsummer Nights Dream 1600

 Julia Kennedy_Jesus Maria Joseph_Amsterdam 1647

Kathryn Joy_Anti Aulicus 1644

Katie Stiles_Medicinal Experiments 1696

Leah Canonico_Othello 1622

 Liza Duchesneau_Essay on Satyr 1680_

 Melissa DiBerardino_Poems of Ben Jonson 1672_

Renae Barry_A rich store house or treasury for the diseased 1596

Michaela Lake_Lady Mary Wroth_Urania_1621


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