Internet Shakespeare Edition


About Internet Shakespeare Editions:

Internet Shakespeare editions (ISE) is a scholarly archive that focuses on three main areas: Shakespeare’s plays and poems, Shakespeare’s life and times, and Shakespeare in performance. Since 1996, ISE has published all kinds of Shakespearean texts including ld-spelling transcriptions, modern editions, and facsimile images of original works.

How To Navigate ISE:

Advanced Text Search:

– The easiest way to navigate ISE is to click “Advanced text search” under the Resources tab.

Resources tab

– From here, you can search through all digital works on the site, expanding or narrowing the scope of your search to look within the main text, stage directions, marginalia, etc.

– You can also choose to focus exclusively on Shakespeare’s works, on non-Shakespeare texts, or on selected works.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 2.00.17 PM

The Reading Rooms:

– If you scroll down on the homepage of ISE, you’ll find the four reading rooms.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 1.51.16 PM

The Foyer:

– The Foyer introduces you to the mission, the history, and the teams that create the editions of the ISE.

– Here you can also find the archive’s newsletter, The Shakespeare Herald, which appears twice a year.



The Library:

– The Library contains fully-edited versions of Shakespeare’s plays and poems, critical and reference materials, and a full exploration of the context of Shakespeare’s writing.

– You can also find articles on Shakespeare’s life and times to help you understand the societal context of his work.



The Theater:

– The Theater section of ISE showcases many of Shakespeare’s performances on both stage and film.

– This part of the database is devoted to chronicling past and current productions based on his works.



The Annex:

–  The Annex section provides links to texts and articles about Shakespeare that have not yet had full scholarly reviews.



ISE Tabs:

The tabs on ISE will also help you navigate through this vast archive.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 2.04.00 PM

Plays & Poems:

– Under this tab, you can find a long list of Shakespeare’s works. Once you click on a title, it will bring you to a page with additional information, including one or more editions of the work you’ve chosen.

– You can also find the “Facsimile Viewer,” which shows you actual scans of each physical text.

Life & Times:

– Under this tab, you can find articles about the world in which Shakespeare lived and worked.

– These works focus on his life, involvement with the stage, society and its history, ideas, drama, literature, and plays.


– Under the “Performance” tabs, there is access to material from over 1000 performances having to do with Shakespeare’s works, including costume designs, posters, set lists, etc.

– You can also read reviews and search artifacts from the performances.


– This tab offers links to  the most recent performance reviews of Shakespeare’s plays submitted by the ISE Performance Chronicle, a journal devoted to reviews of contemporary Shakespeare theater.

– At the top, you will see a highlight of the most recent shows that they have reviewed.

– You can  submit your own reviews after registering with  the site,  or simply read what others are saying about current performances of Shakespeare.


– This tab lists several related resources, as well as a “Directory of Reliable Sites on Shakespeare and the Renaissance,” to provide further information about Shakespeare and the Early Modern Period.

– You can also find different plays, poems, works of fiction and other documents written by other authors from the same time period.

– Critical introductions, bibliographies, and chronologies are also listed here.


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