Critique (Worldwide Libraries)



WorldCat is an online catalog that itemizes the collections of 72,000 libraries in 170 countries and territories. WorldCat allows constant access from different libraries that your own library may not have if your library does in fact have a subscription to WorldCat. It is free of charge and is convenient to order, allowing you to research and borrow different items of text. Unlike EEBO, WorldCat allows you to physically have the books instead of relying on digital versions of rare items. Through WorldCat you will find not only the titles of publications, but also links to the electronic version or information on the availability of the publication in your library.


WorldCat books take time to come in; you will need to plan out what you want to have with the understanding that your order may take longer than expected. Do not wait until the last minute to order your books! WorldCat shows that a particular item is owned by a particular library, but does not provide that library’s call number. WorldCat also does not indicate if the item is currently borrowed, lost, undergoing restoration or repair, or moved to storage not directly accessible to patrons.


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