Doc Analyses Sandbox/Early Days

Per the comments posted in the Doc Analysis Sandbox prior to 2/3/14, I’d like to offer you all the following revised document to comment on:

ENG_304_Document_Analysis_Worksheet REVISED 2_3_14


3 responses to “Doc Analyses Sandbox/Early Days

  1. I think it will be fun to explore how the layout of the title page “advertises” the contents of the document!

  2. I really like the changes that have been made to the document analysis worksheet so far! After reading everyone’s comments, I definitely agree with the ideas of adding in a section (or adding to a current section) on the historical context of the document. This information would be extremely useful to better understand the document, author, and the society that received the document at the time. For example, the document that I analyzed, the poem “Venus and Adonis” by William Shakespeare, was dedicated to Henrie Wriothesley, Earle of Southampton. Shakespeare’s dedication to Wriothesley seemed to be very hesitant and lacked confidence, with no true indication why. By adding a section on the historical context of this document and others, one would be able to see who unfamiliar historical figures were, why authors might be hesitant to publish their work, and so many other interesting things.

  3. I think that’s a great idea Ali – since we can look things up on smartphones, etc., it’s not too much trouble to, say, google Henry Wriosthley, find out that he’s Earl of Southampton and ward to Lord Cecil Burghley – e.g., he’s pretty high up on the social ladder and Shakespeare has every reason to be cautious in his dedication! I’ll make the addition now and we can discuss further in class.

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