Library Card & Rare Books Room Registration

How To Get Library Card:

There’s no charge for a Boston Public Library Card as long as you are a state resident, state property owner, person commuting to Massachusetts for work, student resideing in Massachusetts for school, or resident of temporary housing in Massachusetts.

1. Go to the central branch of the Boston Public Library:                                           700 Boylston Street, Copley Square, Boston, MA 02116
Tel: 617-536-5400

2. Ask to get a library card at any circulation desk.

3. Show a photo identification with your name, address, and signature (i.e. a state driver’s license or ID card).

  • If you are an out of state student, be sure to also bring your student ID with you that has the address of the school’s campus you are living on.

4. Create a 4 digit PIN for when you use your card, and that’s it!

Additionally, the Boston Public Library offers eCards (register for one here) that allow you access to online resources if you do not have a physical library card. If you have a physical library card, you do not also need an eCard.


Registering for the Rare Books and Manuscripts Room:

Simply go to the following web address:

Fill out the required forms and pending approval and availability of the room, you will then be able to utilize the Rare Books and Manuscripts room.


Be sure to check out our other pages for more information about library cards and the Rare Books room!




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