How to Perform a Basic Search

How to Perform a Basic Search:

1. Towards the top of the webpage, there are numerous different types of searching. Click on the “Basic Search” link.

2. In the first search feature, type in a keyword about the text that may help refine your search. For example, I used the key word Samuel Johnson when searching for his edition of Midsummer Night’s Dream.

3. Then in the second feature, type in the author of the text that you are searching for. For example: William Shakespeare

4. After that in the third search feature, type in the title of the text. For example: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

5. Finally in the fourth search feature, type in the publication date of the text. For example: 1788

6. Then, click search when you have filled out these search features.

7. Once you arrive to the results page, look through the titles of the texts that appeared.

8. If you found the text that you are looking for, click on the link of the title.

8. To order the text, click on the external resource link labeled “Borrow from another library.”

9. This link will bring you to a sign in page for Inter Library Loan. Sign in using the username and password that you created previously.

10. You will then arrive at the book request page of Inter Library Loan where the information for ordering the book that you are requesting will be automatically filled in for you.

11. If not, be sure to fill in the author/editor, the title, the publisher, the place of publication, the date of publication, the edition, the OCLC Number, the date after which you would not want the text, the preferred language of the text, and whether you would accept a different edition of the text.

12. Once you have filled out the book request fully, hit the button below labeled “Submit Request.”

13. You will then arrive at a page and you will see the text you ordered under “Outstanding Requests” at the top of the page in the status “Awaiting Processing.”


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