How to Write a Document Analysis

How to Write a Document Analysis:

1. Find and order a text on Worldcat from a participating library.

2. Once it arrives to your local library, pick it up from the circulation desk. You will need to sign and date a receipt.

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3. Access the Document Analysis Worksheet on Microsoft through the link below or print a hard copy.

4. Take a moment to look over the physical attributes of the book, including the material of the cover, the condition of the pages, the illustrations, and the format of the content page. These features will prove to be revealing about the nature of the text and the society that produced it while answering the following questions.

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5. Utilize the text to answer the deeper questions about the following relationships: text and author, text and society and text and reader.

Document Analysis Worksheet

This Document Analysis Worksheet was customized specifically for resources retrieved from WorldCat. The user will provide details about the specific edition of the text and the library from which he/she was able to order the text.



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